The Currents Center for

Recreation and Creativity

"a confluence of active opportunities for all"


The Friends of the Missoula Community Center (aka The Currents Center for Recreation and Creativity) is an organization working to implement the construction and maintenance of a Community Center at McCormick Park (Phase II of the city of Missoula’s McCormick Park Master Plan).  The center will foster enriching community interactions through both internal programs and collaborations with external organizations, appealing to people of all ages and abilities and guaranteeing equitable access for all.


We are continuing the efforts of a working group that formed in 2000 out of the city-wide Celebrate 2000 forums.

The Vision

To establish the Missoula Community Center as a publicly owned facility offering Missoula’s citizens:

  • A flexible, multi-use space to support healthy lifestyles in an atmosphere that is multigenerational and inclusive.

  • Space for recreation, arts and social programs for all ages, income and ability levels.

  • The opportunity to connect with people of all backgrounds and grow a stronger, more equitable community.

  • A safe, year-round environment.

The Need

For decades, Missoulians have identified the need for expanded indoor recreation space to provide more opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle and come together as a community. The Missoula Community Center will expand on Currents Aquatics Center in McCormick Park to create a one-stop destination. Centrally located downtown and along the Riverfront Trail System, the community center will be accessible, inclusive and inviting.

  • Health and Wellness

  • Visual and Performing Arts

  • Cultural and Community Events

  • Team and Lifetime Sports